Jun 012012
With Miguel Angel

When I started my trip around Latin America I knew many unpredictable things would happen, but I never imagined I would lose a friend in a tragic accident. It was a pure coincidence that brought me to ski-patrol course in Chile. At the beginning the only foreigner there was our French instructor. After first few [...]

Jun 062011
My bike looks like new again. Thanks to these guys!

Brazil is a huge country. It’s hard to understand how huge it is until you cross it on a small motorbike :). Yeah, there is a reason why Brazilians more than any South Americans take planes to travel… That said crossing this country was a spectacular experience. I am fluent in Spanish but not in Portuguese, [...]

May 292011
Bolivia: Riding on the dirt / sand road not so much fun

The ride from Bolivia to Uruguay was really spectacular although thanks to a lot of dirt road ridding sometimes extremely slow and tiring. After leaving Lake Titicaca I drove south to Uyuni Salt Flats with a little detour to modern city of Cochabamba. The dirt road to Uyuni was well over 100km but was spectacular [...]